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no eye has seen. no ear has heard. no mind has imagined

The Rubik’s wca african championship

Our vision was to host a competition so spectacular that No Eye Has Seen, No Mind Has Imagined and No Eye Has Seen before.

This was the first and biggest African speedcubing event in history.giving you the opportunity to part of a historical event.

The African Championship is just the beginning. We’re working to ensure that speedcubing in South Africa expands and grows exponentially – like nothing before.

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The cubing hub

The Cubing Hub exists for one reason and that is to use the Rubik’s Cube to entertain people, and if we can entertain them we can educate them.

We create Rubik’s Cube Clubs all over South African schools, where learners can show off their Rubik’s Cube skills. Seeing who can solve the Cube in the fastest time.

We show our your youth how this Rubik’s cube can change their lives and how it can unlock their TRUE GREATNESS, which results in a successful future. We show them that learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube has so many benefits for their development and growth – it helps them learn patience, teaches problem solving skills, improves hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, memory and stimulates the mind. Most importantly to show them that they CAN DO ANYTHING IN LIFE. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE because they have just solved the IMPOSSIBLE Rubik’s Cube.

We provide services such as motivational talks and personal development talks and Rubik’s cube training and sales. 

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Donovan pretorius
lead organiser

jonathan ontong
project manager

brent boswell
senior delegate


trainee delagate