WORLD RECORDS in the cubing world are constantly changing because we have some of the most skilled and dedicated competitors around.

First off, the 2×2 World Record is held by Zayn Khanani. Bringing the record solve to 1.02 seconds! Congratulations to Zayn!

The 3x3x3 Average World Record is currently held by Tymon Kolasiński who lowered it to a mind blowing 5.09 seconds after many close calls! Congratulations to Tymon, very well deserved!

For the 5th time in a row, Max Park lowered his own 4x4x4 average record with a mind blowing 20.68! Max keeps on getting faster and faster without any limits in sight! Congratulations!

Max Park also broke the 5×5 Average World Record with an average result of 39.49 seconds! He can’t be stopped!

Max Park brings another impressive 6x6x6 average with a time of 1:15.63! Records just keep getting lower and lower with Max, amazing!


Simon Kellum broke the Pyraminx World Record with an average of 1.79 seconds! Congratulations to Simon and his incredible Pyraminx skills!

Incredible results were achieved by Tommy Cherry in the 3×3 Blindfolded event! He broke both the World Record Single (with a time of 14.67 seconds) and Average (with an average of 15.24 seconds)! Congratulations on those amazing solves!

Stanley Chapel lowered the 4x4x4 Blindfolded record to 57.87 seconds, passing the 1 minute barrier. What an incredible performance!

Congratulations to Sameer Aggarwal for breaking the Square-1 World Record Average with an average time of 6.06 seconds! He had already broken the World Record after four solves! Fantastic work!

Carter Kucala broke the Skewb World Record Average with an average result of 1.86 seconds, bringing the record below two seconds for the first time! Truly an amazing accomplishment!


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